If it has to do with selling your knowledge online….

We’ve got the experience, the people and the proven processes you need to grow your business fast!

You probably know that it takes more than a great message and a transformational product or course to have a profitable business. And it also takes more than hard work and passion to pay the bills… It takes sales.

The good news:

With the right strategy, you can change thousands of lives from anywhere in the world. That’s where we come in….

AweSM sales and marketing is your secret force that helps you
build a profitable online business based on integrity and joy.

You shouldn’t have to choose between freedom, business or transformational experiences for your clients. You should have all those things. And you probably know this as well as we do. Sacrificing one for another is only going to make you miserable.

Every business starts with the desire to solve a problem…

We saw that talented coaches, experts and consultants kept spinning their wheels in order to get clients and money coming in. And that they just didn’t know how to package their knowledge properly or even get paid for the value they created… And we were also too familiar with the feeling of being trapped in our own business. Not having enough freedom… (Maybe you can relate?)

After a barefooted walk on a beach in the Caribbean, we (Maria and Petter Erik, founders of AweSM) made a decision. To start our online business so we could keep selling and sharing our knowledge… And moved from Norway to Vietnam to be able to do it from the beach!

We work with coaches, consultants and experts just like you, to help you

…. So you can spend less time being busy and more time on the things that matter to you.

Here are 3 reasons (out of many) you'll get
results, working with us


Powerful mindset strategies + real-world online marketing know-how

It's why coaches like Brian Mayne-founder of Goal Mapping, rely on us

When it comes to growing your business, it takes more than following “best practices” and “proven processes”. Any half-decent business coach or marketer can tell you about the newest and latest – and that’s where it usually stops.

Although tactics and trends can help you grow your business to a certain level, they’re not the only elements for lasting success.

The way we see it, growing your business gives you the unique opportunity to tap into the deeper mechanics behind motivation, action and ultimately- real happiness and a fulfilled life!

So we go beyond just focusing on systems, and processes that work, and take it a step further. Our secret sauce is how we implement mindset and strategies for personal-growth into everything we do.

We help you grow your business- and fulfill your potential at the same time. This combo of marketing, business strategy and mindset work, is where the magic happens:


Outstanding support, that makes it easy for you to get a solid ROI on the work you do

Without the hassle

Most business coaches and marketers will have you buy their course or join their program – and then disappear into the night and leave it to you, to figure things out. That’s not us!

We’re genuinely interested in helping you, so we offer you full support on your journey. And we mean hands-on, direct support. Because you’re going to have a lot of questions on how to do things along the way. We’re here to give you the answers and celebrate your wins. Personal and genuine relationships will never be outdated, and we value the strengths of a real tribe.


We're highly experimental and respect the journey - You'll get the lessons we learn from our own experiments

Without having to risk your business.

It’s not a secret that the AweSM team loves to try out new things – and share the results with you. By setting goals that feel fun and exciting, we keep the momentum up. Because energy is highly contagious, you’ll get to feel the good vibes too!

This means you’re not just going to “work” on your business – you’re going to have some serious fun while implementing what you learn as well. We promise!

Meet the Team

Petter Erik Nyvoll

Founder, Partner & Visionary

Ha Dong

Chief Operating Officer / Integrator

Maria Rygge

Founder, Partner & Creative/Production Manager

Tor Seppola


Dan Moseley

Sales Manager

Tess Strömberg

Operations Manager

Quy Nguyen

VIP Customer Coach

Venkateshwer Acharya

Funnel Builder

Fadel MG

Tech Coach

Ryan Mangano

Strategy Sales Coach

Teza Moodley

Customer Service/
Program Support

Hoang Phan

Tech Coach

Tommy Eggen

Strategy Sales Coach

MyLinh Tran

Executive Assistant

Chi Phan

Paid Traffic Manager

Nhung Le

Social Media Marketer

Wilma Le Larsen

Assistant and Marketing Admin


Feel Good Manager

Ready to create some great results in your business?

Hoang is a digital marketer, with over 5 years of experience working for startups and SMEs. Wanting to relive the small town life he had experienced in college, Hoang moved from Hanoi to Hoi An, to enjoy the fresh air, the ocean breeze, and the friendly Quang Nam people. Here, he was welcomed with open arms to join the team at AweSM.
With a background in Business Administration and Marketing, as well as Graphic Design, Hoang will help you create, grow, and optimize your online business. His obsession with technical details provides you with a solid base for managing your marketing needs and building beyond the fundamentals.
To balance out his time sitting in front of three monitors, Hoang stays active by playing basketball every day. He also enjoys practicing ballroom dancing every now and then.

Krishna is an IT professional from India having wide range of experience in optimizing landing pages and user funnels, Highly creative with experience in identifying target audiences and devising digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate the audience.

He has a deep understanding of the Facebook ads campaigns and loves to remain up to date with all the newer emerging technologies in the field of marketing and is involved in the technical oriented work for the clients at Awesm.

He’s passionate about physical fitness which helps him to remain at top of his game all the time. Apart from fitness he also loves travelling, playing football, driving cars, watching movies.


Hà processes more than 17 years of first-hand industry experiences in Real Estate, Hospitality Management and Retail. Her foundation started in Sales & Marketing; further on, she developed strongly in Business Strategy and Business Management.

Hà is familiar with hands-on experiences in setting up and operating various opening projects and new enterprises. Hà found her “Business Freedom” inspiration with AweSM that urges her to bring in great impacts for AweSM clients, helping managing the company and having control over numbers, staff, plans and activities.

Hà enjoys travelling and different cultures. She works hard and travels hard. In her free time, Hà paints or reads or watches history movies.

Marketing Director

Maria Rygge has worked in the events and marketing industry since 2003. She is a graduate professional in computer engineering and has worked extensively with the technical side of internet marketing. When Maria started her entrepreneurial business in 2010, she was terrified of sales but successfully cracked many codes and slowly learned both to sell passionately and to teach others how to do the same.

Maria is keen to challenge herself and has the ambition to become a recognized international speaker. She loves how teaching sales and marketing leads to transformational personal development within our clients.

Mastermind & group coaching coach + customer service

Quy was Maria & Petter Eriks first employee and we are proud to say that she is a very intelligent and customer oriented person.

She now takes care of all our clients in the BOB group coaching program and Freedom Club Mastermind, always making sure they experience world class service.

Quy is the best person to find last years email campaign, give feedback on everything, and helping Petter Erik to stay organized with his personal clients.

The fun fact about Quy is that she found a Norwegian guy (with no involvement from PE & Maria) in Vietnam and is now living in Karmøy with him!

Tech & Ad Customer Support

Raghav is a Computer Science Engineer and has a wide experience in building out funnels and marketing campaign for online businesses.

He is our warm-hearted tech-wiz and the go-to person for our clients and members if they are freaking out about technical stuff or Facebook ads.

Raghav knows A LOT of different marketing system like Kartra, Kajabi, Simplero and others… He always has a helping hand and he is also doing tech stuff for our clients.

Raghav is from Jaipur, India and enjoys hiking, binging on TV series, reading about psychology. and doing puzzles.

Program & membership coach + customer service

Tess was introduced to self-development very early in her life, and at the age of 16, she conducted her very first conference for young women in Stockholm.

She realised that she loves to help people see their true innate potential and also to build an online business based on their dreams. In 2017 she started her own web design firm in Norway, helping mentors and mental help- coaches with website design and social media management.

In the AwesM team, Tess is the first liner in our signature programs, making sure everyone is seen, get their answers and are having progress. On top of that she is answering our customer support email.

Reza Shalbafan is from Iran. He has 8 years of Sales & Marketing manager specialized in Tourism and Hospitality. He also shows his interest in Tech industry. Even thought he could be an electronic engineer if he continued his first major in university, but he decides to follow his dream of online business. So, he acquires another degree in Business Management majoring in E-commerce and currently works as a marketing manager in Awesm.

He craves learning new things and improving himself every single day as well as sharing knowledge to people. He likes playing football, watching movies and he would love to treat you delicious homemade Iranian food!

Ryan has been working in sales and coaching in the personal development and business leadership event industry since 2007. From 2008-2009 he was the top producing sales person for Tony Robbins for all of his Unleash The Power Within Events in Canada. In 2010, Ryan took over the Ultimate Dive Bar and transformed it into one of the most vibrant live music venues in Canada. Ryan has booked, promoted and produced more than 2000 live concerts at his music venue in Toronto Canada, called the Linsmore Tavern since 2011 and since 2015 he did this while living abroad in Oslo Norway. Since 2016, Ryan has been the only sales person for WILDFIT Founder and International Speaker Eric Edmeades. He loves connecting and getting to know people and the best feeling in the world for Ryan is hearing how a client has improved their life, business, health, and family through his coaching or a program he has helped someone with.

Partner in Crime & Best Friend

Coco feels like the boss and takes a serious role in feel good management. Born in the Philippines, Coco knows best how to enjoy life, how to indulge in tasty meals and how to make long lasting friendships. She also feels very responsible for making sure no one enters the office without a warm welcome.

She might look short and shaggy but her strengths are not to be sneezed at. Pay her with cuddles [or bacon] and Coco is the most loyal, attentive and playful friend.

Kenny Haugen has been doing a lot of things up until joining the Awesm team, worked at a cruise ship, car detailer for Toyota, been on the team for one of the biggest marketers out there and now finally on our team.

Kenny´s passion is psychology, copywriting and helping people from struggeling to freedom. He is always looking for ways to invest in himself to be one step ahead and has a growth mindset, that goes hand in hand with our core values.

Teza is here to make your experience easier in any way possible!

Teza comes from a lengthy background in fashion. She started designing at the age of 18 while completing her Bachelor’s Degree, with majors in Psychology and Philosophy.

Through her studies and working with many international brands, Teza has learned a lot about what it takes to have a successful business mindset. With a combination of creative and business skills, she is ready to take on any challenge. In her free time, Teza enjoys a good book or a good beer!

With a newfound passion for tech, Teza has joined AweSM to make a real difference to individuals trying to grow their online businesses.

Fadel is a full-time father and lifetime nomad digital marketer. He has been working in Digital Marketing since 2013 and has helped countless small businesses to optimise their presence online.
He loves learning & experimenting new things in t-shaped mode. When Fadel has his sharing/training/coaching session in his community, about Facebook/Google Ads, website/funnel or any other digital marketing stuffs, he often answers until Z, when people only asked A. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with family and practice traditional back-bone therapy.

Vee is the reason behind most of the emails you receive and he takes care of building and optimizing our marketing funnels for various events. He is always up for taking on challenges, helping his teammates, sharing ideas, and implementing new things.

Since 2017, he has been working remotely with brands from different verticals and has gained a deep understanding of how to develop marketing strategies and implement them.

Outside work, you can find Vee doing landscape and street photography, exploring remote places and cultures, baking and sometimes presenting his poems at events.

With a background in Communications, MyLinh worked in the entertainment business, before exposing herself to industries of hospitality and event management. Aside from office hours, MyLinh collects volunteering experiences that helped to enrich her knowledge in sustainable living. Having an open mindset that allows MyLinh to welcome challenges and appreciates the new opportunity, thus signing up to be an Executive Assistant at AweSM. This opportunity carries the responsibility to assist AweSM’s Visionary, Petter Erik, to achieve from good to great, and for MyLinh to embark on a new learning journey that would further widen her perspectives. MyLinh enjoys being active outdoor on good weather weekends

Dan has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing across various industries including media, events, and banking. His extensive experience and customer service oriented nature reminds you that sales in business can be fun, not daunting.5 years ago while running a sales team for one of the UK’s largest media companies Dan decided to cut his corporate ties and has since been actively choosing to create the life he wants to live. He is passionate about learning, self development and entrepreneurship and believes that anyone can create the life that they want to live. After living for five years in Vietnam, he has recently returned to Europe where he enjoys surfing, mountain biking, and studying technology.

Rish’s passion for coaching can be traced back to his pre-professional days. The reason? He likes getting people excited about things that he’s excited about- and then see them through the end. He draws his experiences from running a successful enterprise and working with diverse groups of people from different parts of the world. As a Strategy Coach at AweSM, Rish wants to help business owners identify and conquer their true challenges to make their dream life happen. When Rish is not doing that, you can find him in the kitchen cooking for his friends and family and taking road trips to the closest beach town.

Minh has worked in the IT industry for more than 10 years but slowly transitioned his passion into marketing for 6 years ago with hyper focus on turning clicks in to customers. He’s been working with various big brands such as “Make Up Store” – the biggest makeup brand in Scandinavia. Minh is super data-driven and loves to analyze and crunch numbers, to come up with a realistic solution to reach our company goals. He  has the ambition to become a sought-after internet marketer, and thrive to always be many steps ahead in the digital marketing game.

Having lived through some hurdles, Tor found his passion for self-development as a means to understand himself.

After he lost his family to deportation in 2018, he vowed to do whatever was necessary to bring them back so that they could be a family once more, living a normal and stable life in love and abundance.

On his journey, he discovered a passion for knowledge and books, as well as plant medicine and meditation. Today he is a coach for AweSM, loving the eternal journey of learning and understanding the mysteries of the universe and the infinite possibilities of human potential.

Chi Phan is a Hanoi-based marketer with 10 years experience working in Real Estate and Hospitality industry. Digital marketing is her 2nd love. At AweSM, she is in charge of all paid ads creating the gateway to connect infopreneurs.
Mother of 2 princesses, 5 years old and 18 months old, Chi Phan like any super mom out there enjoys her busy parenting life while pursuing her dream career in digital world. Besides digital marketing, she likes outdoor activities with her hubby and kids, cooking and indulging in feel-good movies.

Wilma is the cutest button who beautifully joined us before we were on our crazy train organizing AweSM Event. She is working closely with Maria and Marketing Team to get things done, especially in languages (English, Swedish and Norwegian) that we need to communicate with you all out there! She didn’t talk much at first but once we got to know each other, we have so much fun to talk about. Wilma enjoyed spending her free time being outdoors with her friends or playing Play Station with her brother

Business Strategist and Visionary

Petter Erik Nyvoll has worked in sales and has been an entrepreneur for 20 years. He has sold courses and conferences, sponsor packages, consulting services, shares, investment opportunities, telephone and server solutions, ads, exclusive memberships, and network marketing products.

He loves to keep up with what’s happening in sales and marketing around the world, is continuously testing new marketing strategies by himself and helps online entrepreneurs implement new sales and marketing strategies. He is well known for challenging his clients to double their price , to think creatively and to break out of their comfort zone!