Package and sell your knowledge online, and Create a highly profitable business with integrity and purpose.

We teach entrepreneurs and coaches the marketing and mindset strategies they need to build their online freedom business.

“Being an entrepreneur is the ultimate form of personal development”

But is your business only achieving a
fraction of its full potential?

If you’re like us, you started as an entrepreneur because you wanted the freedom and income that comes with it. You have a great product, service, or idea that could change the lives of thousands of people…
(If they only knew how good you are)

But chances are you’re here today because you didn’t get the flexible schedule, money, and impact you crave.

If any of the above resonates with you, your business is not living up to its full potential. We can help you do something about it!

Unlock the power of your business, and generate the freedom, income and paying clients you deserve.

Here’s how we help you share your knowledge and get clients that are thrilled to work with you:

Get paid for
value, not hours

By creating packages and courses that deliver your knowledge in a format that's easy for your clients to get life-changing results from. Know the value of what you offer so you can break out of the endless “per hour” cycle and get your time back..

Work only with the clients you love

Attract and connect deeply with your ideal clients, by taking them on a transformational journey before they buy. Clarify your message, and show them you can help them, by actually helping them. Let your clients qualify themselves before they buy, so you only work with clients that are aligned with you.

Boost your authority and skyrocket your business

Be the go-to person in your market with an authority building launch- strategy, that positions you as an expert. Connect, teach and sell all at once. Engage your clients and discover how to create winning products-every time!

What We Sell

Start strong

I need to get started online

Skip through the 4 years of struggle most new business owners are going through, by simply building the solid foundations of your online business- and get money coming in fast.

Including finding your niche, deciding, and nailing down your product, deliverables, and price. Create your first system for attracting clients and sell your product

Sell More

I have 1 or more products but need more revenue

Analyze the results of what you’re currently doing. Find out what works and what needs adjusting, to increase your bottom line.

Create more and better products, expand your reach with different marketing channels, and put everything into a system that works with you to help you grow- fast

Scale and Automate

I have 150.000 USD + in yearly revenue and want more freedom

Boost your revenue and get your time back, with advanced marketing strategies and tactics.

Automate the systems in your business and explore different ways to implement changes, so you can have more freedom and make a bigger impact for more people.

Client Testimonials

3 simple steps to success - And your key to freedom

Step 1


Get clear on how you're going to package and deliver your knowledge

Step 2


Learn the best strategies to sell your products and courses authentically

Step 3


Measure, evaluate, grow and enjoy your thriving business

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Business Strategist and Visionary

Petter Erik Nyvoll has worked in sales and has been an entrepreneur for 20 years. He has sold courses and conferences, sponsor packages, consulting services, shares, investment opportunities, telephone and server solutions, ads, exclusive memberships, and network marketing products.

He loves to keep up with what’s happening in sales and marketing around the world, is continuously testing new marketing strategies by himself and helps online entrepreneurs implement new sales and marketing strategies. He is well known for challenging his clients to double their price , to think creatively and to break out of their comfort zone!