On the occasion of the new year (and new opportunities) I sat down and wrote a few words to 33-year-old Maria, that is, myself 10 years ago. (Yes, I actually turned 43 and I created my first website 24 years ago !!!!)

And I wanted to share them with you, because I know I’m not the only one that could benefit from these thoughts.

“Dear 33-year-old Maria…,

I am sitting here ten years into the future and there are some things I want you to know.

First: YOU DESERVE to live the life you want.

I know you think “who am I to…”, “how can I become an entrepreneur, when no one in my family is”, ”that house on the beach you dream of… how could you ever think you’ll be able to achieve that?”.

I want you to know that everything starts with a dream, admitting to yourself what you dream of and allowing yourself to go for it.

When you go after your dream, it will not be easy. It’s going to cost you blood, sweat, tears, and bankruptcy… But it’s worth it. Because you will grow as a person, as a mom, and as a teacher & inspiration who can make a difference for others.

You’re worth it.

Secondly:  All people have good and bad sides. You do not have to hide your strengths nor your weaknesses.

One day it struck me, Maria…, that when I try to hide the things I’m bad at from the world…, I cannot share what I am really good at.

Because it’s all connected. 

Either you show the world all you are…, for better or worse…, or you live your whole life inside a box.

And it’s pretty cramped in that box.

I know it’s painful to admit that you’re not good at everything, especially those things you wish you were or thought you “should” be, good at.

But NO ONE is good at everything.

And when we put up our beautiful facades and try to pretend that we have absolutely everything in order, we also make it harder for everyone around us to show who THEY are.

And you DO want a world where people really show each other who they are, right?

Third: You are allowed to ask for help.

You’ve been sick of fixing things yourself. You are strong, you are brave and you certainly achieve a lot too.

But you’re allowed to reach out for a helping hand.

You are allowed to ask for support or to delegate tasks to someone who would spend less time than you on something you are bothered with.

You don’t always have to carry the heaviest load. You may feel important when you carry that much weight, but it’s not good for you and it’s not good for the people around you either.

By the way, you will laugh if I tell you how much money I have spent on mentors, courses, coaching, and guidance to develop myself and the company in recent years.

I have found that ALL such investments pay off many times over. And most importantly: I get to the goal faster and with less stress than without help.

The next ten years will be a roller coaster, Maria. Hold on and enjoy the ride!

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Business Strategist and Visionary

Petter Erik Nyvoll has worked in sales and has been an entrepreneur for 20 years. He has sold courses and conferences, sponsor packages, consulting services, shares, investment opportunities, telephone and server solutions, ads, exclusive memberships, and network marketing products.

He loves to keep up with what’s happening in sales and marketing around the world, is continuously testing new marketing strategies by himself and helps online entrepreneurs implement new sales and marketing strategies. He is well known for challenging his clients to double their price , to think creatively and to break out of their comfort zone!