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3 Months

Start Strong


Build the solid foundations – and get clients fast.

  • Nail down your product, deliverables, and price.
  • Create your first system for attracting clients.
  • Create and sell your course or program.

Start here if you already have a product or course but you’re struggling to get sales.

1 Year

Sell More

Build Your
Online Business

Increase your bottom line – and the sense of joy.

  • Create more and better products, expand your reach with different marketing channels.
  • Put everything into a system that works with you to help you grow.

Perfect for you if you already have products that are selling.

Scale & Automate

Freedom Club

Get your time back, with advanced marketing strategies and tactics

Automate the systems in your business and explore different ways to implement changes, so you can have more freedom and make a bigger impact on more people.

Perfect for you if you’ve already reached 150.000 USD in yearly revenue.

Your journey starts with a free call

It’s time to have your business-building
plan clearly mapped out for you!

But first…

We’ve designed our programs specifically with ambitious coaches, consultants and experts in mind.
No matter where you are today and what your goals are, it all starts with clarity.

And this is important:

You can’t get to where you want to go without taking the right steps in the right order. Know that the market is flooded with people who will try to sell you a “magic pill”, and who promise to get you there overnight- without experience. That won’t happen!

With that being said, know that things are going to happen fast when you have clarity and the right strategy for your goals. Here at AweSM we prioritize focusing on the strategies that are going to get you there as fast as possible. Doing the right things at the right time is the real secret behind rapid growth.

That’s why our journey together starts with a strategy call.

Getting crystal clear on where you are right now, and where you want to go, before identifying the right strategy, tactics and steps to support your unique vision.

What makes AweSM Sales and Marketing so different?

How we do things here at AweSM is revolutionary in the online business world. We combine powerful mindset strategies with real-world online marketing know-how. We also factor in the importance of knowing your numbers and analyzing what works and what doesn’t. That’s why high-profile coaches like Brian Mayne work with us to grow their business.

Who is this free strategy call for?

This 1-hour free strategy call is a good fit for you if:

Sounds good? Well, here’s how it works:

Step 1

Pick your time
to speak with
a coach

Step 2

Answer a few
questions about you
and your business

Step 3

Map out your
plan together with
your coach

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At AweSM Sales and marketing, we consider time the most
valuable thing there is, so here’s our promise to you:

When you schedule your free call today, you’re backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We’re here to help you move forward with creating an online business- You’re either fully satisfied, unstuck and crystal clear on your next step after your call- or we’ll pay you 50 euro to make up for your time.

Sign up for your free strategy session today… Talk through everything with a coach… Gain clarity and map out your plan. You’re either thrilled with how much this has changed your direction, or you can simply send us an email and you’ll get 50 euro in your bank account to make up for your time.

You’re guaranteed to know exactly what to do next, or we’ll pay you… No questions asked.

Business Strategist and Visionary

Petter Erik Nyvoll has worked in sales and has been an entrepreneur for 20 years. He has sold courses and conferences, sponsor packages, consulting services, shares, investment opportunities, telephone and server solutions, ads, exclusive memberships, and network marketing products.

He loves to keep up with what’s happening in sales and marketing around the world, is continuously testing new marketing strategies by himself and helps online entrepreneurs implement new sales and marketing strategies. He is well known for challenging his clients to double their price , to think creatively and to break out of their comfort zone!