The other day I was out driving my scooter. Just being able to grab my helmet and go anywhere on impulse is one of the things I love about living in Vietnam.

I had an errand to run in the evening and, when I drove to the shop, I was going 60 km/h (please don’t tell my mom). But when I drove back, I noticed the speedometer stayed at 45 km/h, although I felt like I was moving as fast as I had on the way there.

And I had a simple but profound realization: When I drove earlier, the sun was still up, and there was much more light on the road. On my way back, the sky was already dark, and the road poorly lit.

Having a mentor is like driving on a well-lit road.

Because they shine a light on the holes and bumps in the road, you can go faster, have fewer detours, and therefore reach your goal quicker.

As entrepreneurs, we are always going places we have not been before, driving on unknown roads, not knowing what is waiting behind the next curve or mountaintop.

At AweSM, we are always investing in different mentors, courses, and programs to make sure we can go faster and longer! And to make sure we can help light up the road you are on.

Enjoy the ride!

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Petter Erik Nyvoll has worked in sales and has been an entrepreneur for 20 years. He has sold courses and conferences, sponsor packages, consulting services, shares, investment opportunities, telephone and server solutions, ads, exclusive memberships, and network marketing products.

He loves to keep up with what’s happening in sales and marketing around the world, is continuously testing new marketing strategies by himself and helps online entrepreneurs implement new sales and marketing strategies. He is well known for challenging his clients to double their price , to think creatively and to break out of their comfort zone!