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Want the inside scoop on how I went from spending 20 hours a week on sales calls to making over 300k in a quarter spending just 4-5 hours chatting on social media? 

There’s a brand new episode of Scaling Life that shares my journey to social selling and selling high ticket offers completely online! 

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– How I built a sales funnel without formal sales calls 

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– The step-by-step of how I tested and implemented this new model

– How you can reduce your sales time while increasing revenue

The future of sales is social – are you ready to connect authentically with your audience and close more deals?


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[00:00:00] In this episode, I’m going to talk about high ticket offer and how you can sell high ticket offer without a sales call. I was in a position where I want to hire some more salespeople for my team in awesome. I remember in a mastermind called top one, Top one is with top brown and he’s the founder of it. And there’s many great marketers there who is doing the same like, us. And there is a company called breakthrough Institute who are helping, um, entrepreneurs with kind of the same thing that Maria and me are doing. I wrote there, Hey, I have this problem that I’m closing 60, 70 percent in the sales I’m doing, but when I Try to train someone, uh, salespeople. They are on 20%. So I know that I am the influencer and I know that I’m good in sales, but it should not be three times better, maybe the double or maybe 30, 40 percent more sales with me, so I had this struggle and I tried to have sales training [00:01:00] two times a week. I tried to do everything I could to restrain these people selling over high ticket offer. And over high ticket offer is from 12k to 25k euro. so he said, so why are you, doing sales calls? You don’t need to to sales calls. And for me, I’ve been working with sales since I was seven, eight years I’m training people in sales. it was just like taking my expert skills away. So I was thinking, don’t need sales calls. Of course you need sales calls to sell something for 12 to 15 or 20 5K. But one thing that I got in my mind with being an entrepreneur, what I always think about, if you hear about something that you feel uncomfortable with, or something that you don’t believe, you should test it out. So I figured out this is really interesting. I need to try out this and see if it works for, for us also. So selling high ticket offer without sales goal. So this was basically to start to build a new marketing funnel in a new [00:02:00] way for us. And I got inspired to look at what other companies are selling online now, what is costing a lot of money, but still doesn’t have a sales representative to talk with. One of them is Tesla. Tesla is selling cars for 50, 100, 000 euro. without sales calls. You just go to the Tesla page and you get the experience to see the car and all this thing there. And you can just order your car directly on the page. Uh, you can also pay the car on the page. so I was thinking if they can do it, maybe it’s something into it. Still, I was skeptical, but I want to give it a chance. So, uh, Me and my team and Maria, we start to create this new sales funnel and trying to get more information online and less to have sales call. and it took us like, I think it took us four or five months to really figure out how this is working. And I remember when I wake up one morning, I saw a message on Facebook and in the message, this was [00:03:00] say, Patrick, I just bought your program for 12 K. I look forward to work with you. That was like a wow for me, like a ha, 12k. They bought it without talking. I never heard about this person. so I saw that it worked. And what I’ve changed for me, for me personally, like a salesperson, is to change my mindset about I don’t need to talk with people, but I can use social selling. So we are using much more social selling and that’s also what we’re teaching in our program and also teaching entrepreneurs that want to scale. using LinkedIn to chat with people, using Facebook Messenger to chat with people, using WhatsApp, all these places that people connect with each other. And instead of having a 45 minutes discovery call or whatever you call it. I can do exactly the same with chatting with people. I can ask the same question. I can have the sales call, just like writing with each other. and many say, so, so why are you not using email? Because it’s not, you can’t have a conversation on [00:04:00] email because if you are talking with them, you’re, you’re asking questions, you, you do that with, um, with getting a feedback immediately, like email goes too slow. did a test for one year ago and what I can do with social selling now. And also, of course, we also moved a lot of the things that I did in a sales goals before is online. So we have more videos, more presentation about what we are doing, longer sales pages, more info. So they get all this impression of what they are, what we doing. And that’s also an important thing that we changed because before I. really didn’t know, uh, if they had a sales calls with me, they didn’t know what we were going to sell, what the price was. Now they know everything upfront because they have seen a sales page. if they want to talk with me I’m not saying that this is releasing the sales calls totally out there, yesterday, for example, I sold a package 19, 20 K. and I did that with a 15 minute sales call. The reason it just took 15 minutes was [00:05:00] because they knew everything we’re going to deliver before. They knew, they seen the testimonial, they see what we’re doing. They saw a video with Maria and me. so they know everything. Uh, and that’s also a big change. I did this test last year for see how effective this is based on productivity from me, how much time I need to spend on selling. And I think that’s many of entrepreneur that doesn’t want to sell. They want to do other things. They don’t want to have this discovery calls and sales call. over three months period, a quarter, quarter to last year, um, I sold for 300, 000 euros. So a hundred thousand per month. and if I was going to do based on closing rate, how many calls I can do and what the product is, um, normally this will take me around 20 hours per week. If I did it the old way, like booking a call with me having this sales call and I don’t have 20 hours, it’s like I’m the CEO in the company. I don’t have 20 hours to sell, even if it’s my super skills, I need to do other stuff. I need to deliver [00:06:00] programs. I think you as an entrepreneur, maybe. I think I have this same issue also. You need to deliver a program. I need to create new ads. I need to be creative. I need to work on the business. I need to deal with staff. I need to deal with all these things. I don’t have 20 hours just on sales. as long as I have the position and I wanted other things also. So over this quarter, I figured out that I use between four to five hours per week. so that reduced from 20 hours to four to five hours. when I worked on sales. I did it when I was chatting with people so there is a thing also when I can chat with people, I can do other things. I can work on creating slides. I can work on other things when I’m chatting with people. I can walk on the street. I can take a coffee. I can have a lunch break. I can do whatever I want because chatting is so easy. So I can chat with people and still do other things. So four to five hours per week, made me selling for for 300, 000 euro in one quarter. if you think like, wow, this is too good to be true, [00:07:00] maybe you feel like it’s to good to be true, but this is also why you are not on the place you want to be in your business. Because you maybe have heard ideas before that is too good to be true, but you never test them. I’m not saying that everything that you heard is true. Too good to be true will work. But the main thing is like you need to see if it works for you and try it out. we have started to teach other entrepreneurs this now and it works for them also. And I think the world will go more and more this direction. we can also implement chatbots to do part of the sales call because for example, in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and all this thing, if you just train AI, you can basically train them to be you in sales call. And I believe like the entrepreneur is much better than anyone else to sell their programs. So you can try to get salespeople, you can try to build a sales team, but in the end, you will always be the best salesperson. So if you can train AI to be you, you will also, be easy for you to scale your business. So if you [00:08:00] have a problem with salespeople, if you have a problem with yourself not having enough time to sell, if you have a problem that you don’t want to launch a high ticket offer because you think it’s so much time, it, for you to do it, you should think differently and try it out. And if you want to know more, you can just register for one of our webinars and we’ll talk more about it. Please think differently and you will get where you want to be.

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