Think, Act & Live Bigger: Get Out Of Your Own Way to 10X Life And Business

Is your life everything you imagined it would be when you first set out on your entrepreneurial journey? 

For many of us, reality doesn’t quite match up with those early visions of freedom and fulfillment. 

We get stuck in survival mode, just trying to keep our heads above water instead of scaling to the next level. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

The key is to think bigger – about every area of your life. Expand your vision not just for your business, but your health, relationships, experiences, personal growth. 

When you commit to leveling up your entire life, it creates a ripple effect. Pushing your fitness, skills or mindset to the next level gives you the momentum, inspiration and confidence to also push your business to the next level. 

It all starts with the people you surround yourself with. If you want to scale, spend time with others who are where you want to be. Their mindset, knowledge and ideas will rub off on you. 

Go outside your comfort zone regularly too. Do things that used to scare you – from public speaking to exotic travel. Growth always happens at the edge of your comfort zone. 

Seek transformative experiences. Immerse yourself in a new culture, take a wilderness adventure, challenge yourself physically. It will shake up your perspective. 

Make your biggest dreams a reality. Don’t wait for someday. Take small steps forward now. Action first, figure out logistics later. No more overthinking!

When you commit to leveling up your entire life – your health, skills, experiences, mindset and relationships – it builds unstoppable momentum. 

You’ll find yourself thinking bigger and achieving more than you ever thought possible. In every area. 

So what’s one area of your life you’re ready to take to the next level? How will you push yourself? Dream bigger! And then start taking small steps forward today.

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[00:00:00] one of the Biggest challenges I’m seeing with entrepreneurs and people today that I really get frustrated with, is like we are overthinking so many things. you can’t 10x, what you want to do in life if you’re going to think about how I can 10x my life the rest of your life, because in the end you will be dead and you’re not 10x your life [00:01:00] So when I’m saying like 10x your life will also 10x your business, it’s because if I am expanding my own life and doing things that are 10x bigger than I thought about now, then I also will naturally start to think 10x bigger about other things. In my life Because I think being an entrepreneur or building a business is all about looking for a new perspective in what you have done. And if you try to do the same again, and just try to hustle to the next stage with what you have already done, it’s really hard to get to the next level. But if you start to see other parts in your life that you are expanding and doing more, or I can talk for myself, then I also see that impact what I think is possible to do, how I can do things in my business. think one of the thing was really important to 10x your life. It’s to have people around you or on the level you are on. And I was in a mastermind in us. And when I started the online business, was doing that in Norway, and we figured out to have [00:02:00] a Continuity class or, um, membership was a really good idea because that can give us recurring income and recurring income is something that every entrepreneur want to have. I was in, uh, expert class to build a membership when I started to talk about pricing, I knew that all the competitors we had in. Norway, they had like a membership, uh, for maybe 60 euro per member or 50 euro. So I was thinking, okay, I like to, I like to challenge the reality, so I want to make a Membership was like maybe 10 15 percent more expensive. And still I didn’t know it was possible because sometimes you just feel like I’m really worth it. We worth it, Maria and me, are we worth to take more charge? But these people in the mastermind I was building a continuity class together with They was more on 300, 250, 300. and that’s when I’m together with people that are [00:03:00] on the next level. I also start to think. And I start to look at them. I was thinking, Okay, you’re going to charge 250, 300. What should I charge? So I mentally, step by step. increase the price. So I went from 80 to 100 and I talked with Maria who was going to launch it and then I went from 100 to 130 because I was talking more with them I get more natural and I was thinking like oh this price is not so high and then I get up to 170 and I remember that we have decided the price in 170. Euro per month and the day before we was going to launch this, we said like, okay, let’s go crazy. Let’s try 249, euro per member per month. and what’s happening? We did this and I think we got like 60 or 70 members on the first campaign. And if I will have done what I started with, I will get. I will guess around the same membership numbers, maybe a little bit more, but still not the revenue that I want at all. So one of the things that I’m always trying to do is to [00:04:00] challenge myself and finding people that are better than me in other areas in life. One thing that I have picked up the last year is to, take care of my body. So I’m training more, eating more healthy, and I’m trying to figure. People that are much more healthy than me, much more fit than me and see what they are doing if I train with them and if I follow what they are doing, I can also get much. easier up to 10x my health and 10x my fitness. And if I look back for 4 5 years now and see where I’m on my fitness today, I think I’m almost 10 10x it because I’m much more healthy and I feel much better. so I’m not talking about that you should work 10 times more or pushing the hours you’re working. I think, I’m thinking about how you really can work less and still making more money, having more free time, doing more of what you want to do. Because I, the reason I started like an entrepreneur is freedom. I’m a freedom seeker. I’m always looking for more [00:05:00] freedom. and having my own company and building my own business also. Of course, it’s commitment. I can’t not go away every day, but I can have more holiday. I can do more of my fun stuff and I can make it like my own life. One of the thing that I have, seen, I think it was Dan Sullivan, who have been one of my mentor, he said it’s easier to to 10x your business, then double your business. when I first heard it, like, huh, why can you say that? But when you start to talk about it, and more I think about it, more it makes sense. Because if you have a business on 250, 000 euro per year, And you want to increase it with 30 percent the next year. You’re basically what you’re going to do is to do more of what you’re already doing So we talk about working more hours pushing more people to do more It’s more about being more effective but if you really want to turn next So if you’re going to go from 250 K per year to to 2. 5 million. You really need to think totally different. you can’t continue [00:06:00] Or you can maybe not continue the same products. You need to develop something You cannot continue the same marketing. Maybe not the same stuff. Maybe not the same way of thinking of doing it So we need to just scratch everything and start to think totally different And I think like most the biggest issues I think entrepreneurs have is they think like what I’ve made them successful in there they are now is also what will make them successful the next step. And the point is like if you want to have a better relationship, better health, better life or better a business, If you’re just continuing and doing what you’ve done until now, you’ll just get a little bit more of what you already have. You cannot totally change your life. You cannot totally change your business. I’m always trying to be around people who are better than myself, seeking people that are better than myself. I love the quote, uh, I think it’s Jim Rohn who said it first time, You’re average of the five people you’re spending most time with. And that’s true, because if you are spending time with someone who are on a higher [00:07:00] level than themself, like say, it’s, uh, they are on 10x of your life in all kind of areas, in relationship, in, in, uh, in fitness, in health, in, in career, in business. try to seek them, you’ll start to adopt the mindset they have. Because, you know, we all have 24 hours per day. And you maybe think like, uh, Elon Musk and all this. Super, uh, successful entrepreneurs are working 24 seven. They’re not. They also have free time. They also do other stuff. They’re hobbies. They’re doing fun stuff. So it’s all about how do you really use your time? How can you use your time better to get more what you want in life? And to that is all about to see what others are doing. So, um, so I was in this mastermind with some under entrepreneurs from all over the world. like luxury. I like simple life, but I also like luxury. So Maria, me, we have a Four Seasons near us, uh, in [00:08:00] Vietnam and we have gone there, uh, many times and, and this guy told, said to me you know what I’m doing two times a year, uh, I’m going to Four Seasons because I want to study how great they are because to go to Four Seasons and that’s also why I go there because I get extraordinary good service. So when I come to Four Seasons, they remember my name, they remember Maria’s name, they remember, Maria’s kids names. Uh, they remember what I like to eat. They remember what I, I like to drink. Uh, they remember which table I was sitting with. They remember, what we did last time, what we talked about. And what I think is incredible good with this is like, they remember, everyone knows it. So I, I don’t know how they do it. And, uh, maybe they have a meeting for every guest who are coming in there. But every time I go there, I go back with kind of a 10x life or 10x my business, because I’m thinking how can we implement this kind of customer service? How can we make our clients feel so special [00:09:00] that I’m feeling when I’m on 4Season? And this is also how you can get inspired, because when I go to 4Season, I’m doing it because I want to have time off, I want to relax, I want to have like a perp, experience, but when I get back, I also expand my life or my, or my business. I mean, I started to think different on how, how I can do things. One of the things that I’m missing from not living in Norway is skiing. Maybe one of the few parts of what I don’t get here, that I really want to have in Asia also. and I’ve been reading about Japan and skiing for many years because everyone says it’s the best snow there. It’s the best snow in the world and I remember I was so young. I think I was 1314 years. I went to Austria with my grandmother. She gave me a birthday present. So I was there one week and skiing. She didn’t ski. So I was skiing with ski instructor and I remember when I come to Innsbruck they said it was one of the worst winter was no snow, but when we was going [00:10:00] to arrive in um, In innsbruck it was snowing So I think the plane was circling around in the air for two hours before we can Get down because it was snowing so heavy and the week I was in Uh in austria, I was in salbach. It was snowing every day. And so we got like, powder snow every day and that was like amazing. I remember I had snow over my head It was so much snow and since that time i’ve been just dreaming about how can I get this experience again? so we went to japan and in christmas time last year When I come over it was snowing every day and the experience I have when I was 13 was like this was 10x of that It was so much snow. It was snowing like 50 60 centimeter every day and we have Powder snow like crazy and I felt like I was like five years again So I was skiing every day and I was like, oh, I want to experience more of this what happened is like we come home and I just Was missing it so I went one more time to Japan last year [00:11:00] and had some three four days alone And I think I said to Maria and I don’t think she took me serious I’m saying ah, I want to rent a house for two months next winter. I don’t think she said yes She don’t remember this, but I think she said yes because she maybe thought I was just putting out something that I always do And she said, yes, I was like, okay, then I can do it. So I went to Japan. I met a guy who had a house there and I rented a super expensive house for a couple of months just to stay there. So I come home and I think it took Maria four or five months before I realized that I really paid the deposit and she and we was going to go to Japan. for me, it’s like, uh, this is also kind of, 10x my life because this have been a dream for me many years, but it’s all about if you’re an entrepreneur or have the entrepreneurial mindset or rather 10x, uh, life mindset, you should just start to do what you really want to do in life. Don’t think about it because it’s just to decide, you one of the Biggest challenges I’m seeing with entrepreneurs and people today that I really get frustrated with, is like we are [00:12:00] overthinking so many things. You, you can’t 10x your life or 10x, uh, what you want to do in life if you’re going to think about how I can 10x my life the rest of your life, because in the end you will be dead and you’re not 10x your life. But if you start to do small things and you will not succeed with everything you’re doing for yourself, but it’s all about To testing out and trying out and I like the word testing because so many are thinking about failure like oh I don’t want to get failure. I remember I talked with a client she’s super successful with the online course and now she was going to to do a a membership. so she said this to me, when I started the online course, I didn’t have any expectation. I didn’t know anything. I was just doing what you told me to do. And it worked for me. And then boom, I got a really good income on a good business. But now, I’m just postponing this membership month by month by month on or week by week, and just, and I always coming up with a new excuse. And I know the problem is, I’m [00:13:00] so afraid for failing. Because Before I didn’t have anything to fail from, but now I feel successful, so if this membership, doesn’t work, then I will feel I’m failing. it’s not failing, you just tried something that didn’t work. Can you live with that? Don’t think about, oh, I did all this stuff. So try to do things simple. And I think that’s all the things we should do in life. If you want to get fitter, you don’t need to start with, um, going crazy the first day. You’re step by step, getting there to be fitter and feel more healthy. I Think that’s also why I saying if you think about how you really want to 10x your life, it will also impact how you run your business ​[00:14:00]

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